Easy Collider Editor 5.5.1 轻松碰撞编辑器 

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Easy Collider Editor 5.5.1

Easy Collider Editor 5.5

Easy Collider Editor 5.5

Easy Collider Editor 5.5.1 轻松碰撞编辑器

Easy Collider Editor 5.5.1 轻松碰撞编辑器


轻松碰撞编辑器 QQ图片20200917161832.jpg QQ图片20200917161829.jpg QQ图片20200917161827.jpg QQ图片20200917161824.jpg QQ图片20200917161822.jpg
Easy Collider Editor is designed to make creating and positioning box, sphere, capsule, and convex mesh colliders as easy as possible. Other features include automatic collider generation for skinned meshes, and automatic convex mesh collider generation with VHACD.“轻松碰撞器编辑器”(Easy Collider Editor)旨在使创建和定位长方体、球体、胶囊和凸面网格碰撞器尽可能简单
This tool lets you quickly and easily add multiple colliders on gameobjects using simple and easy to use vertex selection tools. No more painfully adding, moving, and resizing colliders. A helpful preview is even drawn as you select points to make the process even smoother.


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