Amplify Shader Editor 1.7.8 unity3d材质编辑器 

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Amplify Shader Editor 1.7.8

Amplify Shader Editor 1.7.8 unity3d材质编辑器

Amplify Shader Editor 1.7.8 unity3d材质编辑器
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Built-in Renderer, HD, URP, and Lightweight SRP Support
NEW! Easy graph share and canvas Screenshot buttons
NEW! SRP packages auto-importer
NEW! Compatibility with Unity 2019
NEW! Support for Post-Processing Stack shaders
NEW! Compatible with Substance in Unity plugin
NEW! Support for Custom Render Textures
NEW! Support for both HD, URP and Lightweight SRP
NEW! Multi-Pass on Templates
NEW! Xbox One/PS4/Switch Support
NEW! Terrain support
NEW! Shader Templates
• Universal PBR/Unlit SRP
• Universal 2D Lit/Unlit SRP
• HD Lit/Unlit SRP
• Lightweight PBR/Unlit SRP
• Custom RT Init/Update
• Post-Process effects including Post-Processing Stack
• Alpha-Blended particles
• Sprite
• Unlit
• Unlit Lightmap
• UI


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