MicroSplat - Terrain Blending 2.7 地形网格混合平滑编辑插件 

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插件名称:MicroSplat - Terrain Blending 2.7插件官网:访问官网
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MicroSplat - Terrain Blending 2.7
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MicroSplat - Terrain Blending 2.7

MicroSplat - Terrain Blending 2.7 b9039cc4-31be-4140-89a9-b9ae64eaedf4_scaled.jpg
This extension requires one license per seat
Requires Unity 5.6.6 or higher.
The Terrain Blending module for MicroSplat allows you to smoothly blend objects with the terrain
Once enabled, easily blend objects with the terrain. No need to use custom shaders, generate custom meshes, or fiddle with complex settings - just add a component to your object and it will blend with the terrain beneath it.
Control the width and blend contrast of each individual object, using linear of height based blending.
Compatible with most existing shaders and materials. No need to retexture your objects with custom shaders.
When the snow module is installed, you can use the Terrain Blending component to add snow to objects as well
Greatly enhanced with the triplanar model, allowing blending to look great on vertical surfaces
Requires the MicroSplat framework to be installed.


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