Advanced Input Field 1.8.3 高级输入字段插件 

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Requires Unity 2017.1.0 or higher.
Support Thread
This plugin is a custom implementation of the Unity Input Field (it still inherits from Selectable base class). It adds multiple features & properties and fixes multiple bugs that were in the original Unity Input Field. The logic has been split over multiple (platform specific) classes to improve readability.
For Mobile platforms (Android, iOS & UWP) a whole new implementation has been written, because these were the platforms with the most annoying bugs. Also new bindings for the native keyboards on Android, iOS & UWP have been added to control showing and hiding the keyboard more easily and to have more event callbacks.此插件是Unity输入字段的自定义实现(它仍然继承自可选的基类)。它添加了多个特性和属性,并修复了原来Unity输入字段中的多个错误。为了提高可读性,逻辑被拆分为多个(平台特定的)类。
- Default features of the original Unity InputField
- Process/format edited text on deselect (using PostProcessingFilters)
- Process/format text while input field is being edited (using LiveProcessingFilters)
- Validate characters when text changes in native code (using CustomCharacterValidators)
- Next Input Field option to control which InputField should be selected when done editing. (Tab key on Standalone platforms and Done/Next key on Mobile platforms).
- Mobile only: Show ActionBar with cut, copy, paste and select all options
- Mobile only: Selection Cursors (Draws selection sprites for start and end of text selection to control the selected text more easily in large text blocks)
- Mobile only: Support for (bluetooth) hardware keyboards
- Gestures for Mobile added: Single Tap, Double Tap, Hold
- Event for keyboard height changes in the new NativeKeyboard binding.
- Added a KeyboardScroller component to scroll content when NativeKeyboard appears/hides.
- Support for TextMeshPro Text Renderers
- Multiple InputField Modes (indicates how to handle text bounds changes): SCROLL_TEXT, HORIZONTAL_RESIZE_FIT_TEXT and VERTICAL_RESIZE_FIT_TEXT


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