Advanced Foliage Pack 1 树叶模型包 

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Advanced Foliage Pack 1

Advanced Foliage Pack 1

Advanced Foliage Pack 1 Advanced Foliage Pack系列索引:

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Advanced Foliage Pack 1

Advanced Foliage Pack 1

Advanced Foliage Pack

Advanced Foliage Pack b80b4462-a41e-4d85-9328-7e72ed459baa_scaled.jpg a5507dc7-0bc7-47ed-a490-dcb23e220568_scaled.jpg a82bfa69-ea74-4e95-a27e-7d228522c483_scaled.jpg 7015b6ed-ce7c-47b4-abb5-a4540dafbb69_scaled.jpg 421b8cc8-2eb6-4df8-80c4-53d572c37e06_scaled.jpg 66e7b3a8-ebfc-430b-bcba-5040ddc1f41e_scaled.jpg 25fc5c08-b8fd-445c-82d5-169a6f22f4ef_scaled.jpg 12d102c3-f0d7-4ae2-b1fa-3c44ba0a484f_scaled.jpg

Advanced Foliage Pack 1 树叶模型包

Advanced Foliage Pack 1 树叶模型包
Requires Unity 5.6.2 or higher.
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Pack support unity:
- Unity 5.6
- Unity 2017
- Unity 2018
- Unity 2018 LW RP 4.9
- Unity 2018 HD RP 4.9
- New unity terrain 2018.3+ support
- Unity 2019
- Unity 2019 LW RP 5.7+
- Unity 2019 HD RP 5.7+

This pack is group of foliage models, textures and ground textures from our River Auto Material Movies. Asset data were scanned and carefuly optimised. Ground texture have perfect tiling and heightmaps for tesselation and heightblend. Perfect result you will get with our CTS pack. Profile for cts is also included - like in movie. Pack contain dynamic snow cover. Asset is compatibile and developed for VS (Vegetation Studio Standard and PRO) asset but it work perfectly with other vegetation systems too aswell as unity terrain. It contain auto foliage cover VegetationPackage (from video) for VS which give you ability to plant whole forest, grass land during ground texture painting. This mean you could plant whole forest and grass land by Vegetation Studio in just few seconds with our profile. Pack is suitable for unity terrain too it contain grass textures for unity billobard grass and mesh prepared for unity mesh grass.


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