MicroSplat - Tessellation and Parallax 2.63 地形纹理插件 

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MicroSplat - Tessellation and Parallax 2.63

MicroSplat - Tessellation and Parallax 2.63

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要求Unity 5.6.6 或更高版本。
The Tessellation and Parallax module for MicroSplat adds several new features to the MicroSplat framework.微球体的镶嵌和视差模块为微球体框架增加了一些新的特征

Features Added:
- Tessellation with displacement mapping
- Parallax Offset Mapping, which adds an added depth effect to tessellated or non-tessellated terrains
Per Texture strength controls are available for controlling displacement amount, displacement direction, displacement offset, and parallax amount. Effects unused are optimized out of the shader to have no cost.

MicroSplat tessellation is incredibly fast, and when enabled generates custom fallback shaders used beyond the tessellation range to reduce the cost even further.
Requires the MicroSplat framework to be installed.


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