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LowPoly Strategy Prototyper contains 90+ ready-to-use elements to Build or prototype your own LowPoly styled game.
This asset has been optimized to work really fast on mobile devices.
Update 2.0 Introduce to you new Sample Map (made using Unity5 Lighting), Character Controller (Mecanim System), Documentation with Tips in PDF and much more.
More Information on Forum
If you don't believe try it yourself using Web Player demo. All that you see is in that package*
Low Poly Web Player Demo
Each model has 50-300 triangles. You will also get seven sample maps and one scene with preview of all elements. Additionally, we incorporated a Geometry FX Particles demo preview in this asset for you so you can now create all those amazing weather effects !
All screenshots were made in Unity editor and that's how it is going to look like in Unity and on your mobile.
All elements are correctly prepared for the Unity engine - each element is made as a prefab with correct coordinates, scale and physics colliders. Just drag and drop and build your dream game or prototype for your first game made in Unity. We also gave you some HD textures with 2048 px resolution.
This asset comes with elements such as: Buildings, four fractions (each a different color), six types of characters, unique fraction elements, mountains, trees and other environmental objects.
*music is not included


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