TerraWorld - Automated Level Designer 2.30.4 真实世界生成 

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TerraWorld - Automated Level Designer 2.30.4

TerraWorld - Automated Level Designer 2.30.4

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⚡ Node-based UI shareable between users
⚡ Advanced Terrain Shader (TerraFormer) featuring:
DX11 Tessellation
Height Blending
Colormap Blending
Procedural Snow
Procedural Puddles
Stochastic Texturing
Full PBR workflow using layer maskmaps

⚡ Advanced Object Standard Shader featuring:
Procedural Snow
Wind Simulation
Double Sided Rendering
DX11 Tessellation

⚡ Biome Templates as pre-made graphs to cover all nature types of Forest, Grassland, Desert & Tundra
⚡ High performance vegetation & object rendering using GPU Instancing & compute shaders
⚡ Supported platforms ranging from mobiles to high-end devices based on graph pipeline
⚡ Operates on top of Unity’s built-in terrain system and is compatible with any derived 3rd party assets
⚡ Massive collection of plug & play art content compatible with TerraWorld rendering system
⚡ Full control over graph customization to cover any art style such as realistic, phantasy, stylish, lowpoly, voxels... and any game genre like FPS, Strategy, Open-World, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Serious Games...

• Detailed worlds using real-world elevation, satellite imagery & landcover data
• Natural Erosion & Terrace filters
• Outputs slope, flow, aspect & normal masks
• Advanced splatmapping & texturing
• Outputs water, trees, grass... regions from online landcover data
• Day Night cycle with auto dynamic lighting throughout the entire scene
• Advanced Clouds Rendering with semi-volumetric representation
• Volumetric Atmospheric Scattering
• Volumetric Global Fog
• Volumetric Horizon Fog
• Global Procedural Snow
• Wind Simulation
• Water Shader with auto flowmapping
• Compatible with Unity’s Post Processing
• Automatic Lake, River, Ocean & Sea generation
• TerraMesh: mesh from terrain based on defined slope/height range
• Automatic Cache system to work in offline and faster iterative world generation
• No sign-up needed in external websites or sources


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