VR Online Classroom Template 1.3.1 虚拟现实在线课堂 

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This package contains a template for setting up a networked Virtual Reality Classroom application. It's a consistent starting point in your VR educative product. It is powered by Photon Pun 2 Free
- Easy setup, as it uses XR Interaction Toolkit (and no specific platform tool), so it is compatible with all VR headsets (Oculus Quest 1&2, HP, HTC, etc).
- Voice chat with auto-detection, powered by Photon Voice.
- Custom Avatar (male or female) for teacher to be used in network. Simpler representation for students, only head and hands.
- Networked whiteboard, teacher can adjust its position.
- Student can connect both in VR and android phone.
- Custom VR Rig to be used in network, with custom VR hands that works alongside Pun 2.
- Teacher can upload slides to device (Quest) and see them in VR.


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