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6a3de128-7669-4d81-9640-bd06f255_resized.jpg This is a simple motion capturing tool that captures user motion from a body recording and saves it into a fbx animation clip. The recorded animation may be retargeted later to other humanoid models in your Unity projects, or edited with external tools like Autodesk's 'Maya' or '3ds Max'.
Please note, the MoCap animator works with body recordings only. These body recordings can be created with the help of "Azure Kinect Examples for Unity" or "Kinect-v2 with MS-SDK"-assets.
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'Kinect MoCap Animator' is a sensor independent tool. It doesn't work with live sensor data, but instead with body recordings only. These recordings can be created with the help of other Unity assets, like "Azure Kinect Examples for Unity" or "Kinect-v2 with MS-SDK" v2.20 or later. This package can be used on Windows platform with all versions of the Unity Editor - Free, Plus or Pro.
How to run the 'Kinect MoCap Animator':
1. Create a body recording with the recorder demo scene in the K4A-asset or K2-asset.
2. Import this package into a new Unity project.
3. Open ‘File / Build settings’ and switch to ‘PC, Mac & Linux Standalone’, Target platform: ‘Windows’.
4. Copy the previously created body recording file to the root folder of the 'Kinect MoCap Animator' project.
5. Open and run the KinectMocapAnimator-scene.
6. Change the name of the body recording file, or the user index, if needed.
7. Press 'Start MoCap' to start capturing the body motion of the selected user from the beginning.
8. After the MoCap Animator finishes, you can find the recorded animation in the 'Recorded'-model under 'KinectMocapFbx/Models'-folder.


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