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Nominated for Best Development Tool on the Asset Store at Unity Awards 2021
Key Features:
High performance - 300 cars on a 2018 Android device (Test it yourself).
No coding skills required.
Traffic lights intersections support.
Priority intersections support - cars decide by themselves to wait or to enter an intersection.
Roundabout support - cars wait until the roundabout is free.
Narrow road support - cars wait until the lane is free before changing it.
Overtake - cars automatically overtake each other if the road has multiple lanes.
Building avoidance - if a car hits a building, it will try to recover itself.
Customizable car properties - acceleration, max speed, brake speed, steer angle etc.
Variable number of wheels - from 3 to as many as you want.
Automatically car assignments - made just by pressing a button.
Speed routes - set speed restrictions for some lanes or areas and all cars will follow them.
Car types - assign different types to cars and you can restrict access on some roads based on car types (ex: trucks are allowed only on the first lane and are not allowed inside the cities).
Lights support - main lights, brake lights, blinkers, reverse lights that automatically work.
Sound support - basic engine sound for each car based on acceleration and speed.
Hard shadow support - useful is you need even more performance.
Custom editor tools - a lot of editor windows to make the integration process as smooth as possible.
Simple API for advanced functionalities.
Compatible with:
EasyRoads3D - Integration Tutorials: Part 1 - Basics; Part 2 - Advanced
CiDy 2 - Integration Tutorial
Android | PC
All that you see in the demo is included inside the package:
1 mobile production ready car with 3 LODs and changeable colors, thanks to PolyNinja
9 road tiles that can be assembled in any way to create complex roads.
20 simple city buildings to populate your environment.
1 demo scene that assembles all the above elements into the playable scene from the demo.
If you need additional vehicles I recommend this vehicle package that was already tested with Mobile Traffic System:
Gridlock - City Traffic Vehicle Pack
If you are looking for a multiplayer integration for Traffic System check this asstet made by a Traffic System user:
Photon Integration for Gley Traffic System
Faster support:
Contact us:
Forum | Email | Website
Please include your invoice number in your first message.
For detailed instructions check the Documentation
Video tutorials:
1. Install and test
2. Prepare your scene
3. Create basic road
4. Test traffic
5. Connect roads
6. Priority intersection
7. Traffic lights intersection
8. Narrow roads
9. Roundabout setup
10. Highway exit setup
11. Speed routes
12. Vehicle routes setup
13. Waypoint setup window
14. Car Implementation
15. Traffic component and car pools
16. Scripting methods
17. Debug window
18. Easy Roads - Part 1 - Basic Integration
19. Easy Roads - Part 2 - Advanced Integration
20. CiDy integration tutorial


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