Colossal Game Music Collection 2.0 

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The Best, Biggest & Most Complete Big-Value Game Music Collection!

With more than 2 years in development, the Colossal Game Music Collection includes 20 high quality music packs for an incredibly low price.

In this collection you'll find more than 5 GB of diverse music content, with styles as varied as Fantasy, Medieval, Horror, Casual, 8bit, Sci-Fi, Action, Rock, Metal, Asian, Emotional, Piano, Adventure, Apocalyptic... and multiple loop versions of the original tracks are available, so that you can easily use them in your games.

Packs included:
- Action Music Vol. II
- Adventure Music Vol. I
- Heavy Metal Vol. II
- Apocalyptic Music Vol. I
- Medieval Music Vol. I
- Sci-Fi Music Vol. II
- Asian Music Vol. I
- Emotional Music Vol. I
- Casual Music Vol. I
- Action Music Vol. III
- Piano Music Vol. II
- Fantasy Music Vol. I
- Horror Music Vol. II
- Heavy Metal Vol. I
- Sci-Fi Music Vol. I
- Chiptunes Vol. I
- Piano Music Vol. I
- Action Music Vol. I
- Rock Music Vol. I
- Horror Music Vol. I


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