Texture Graph [BETA] 0.3.1b 2D纹理编辑工具 

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Texture Graph [BETA] 0.3.1b

Texture Graph [BETA] 0.3.1b

Texture Graph [BETA] 0.3.1b
A node based editor for creating seamless, high quality procedural textures.
OVERVIEW  一个基于节点的编辑器,用于创建无缝、高质量的程序纹理
Texture Graph is an editor tool which heavily focus on creating 2D textures, with a non-linear, non-destructive and parametric approach.
• Non-linear: Do the work in many different ways, flexible data and logic flow with graphing fashion, instead of stacked operations like other image editing software.
• Non-destructive: Switch from one to another combination for experiment without losing any of your work.
• Parametric: Complete control of any aspect of the image by adjusting parameters. Infinite creation within a single file.Texture Graph是一个专注于创建2D纹理的编辑器工具,它采用非线性、非破坏性和参数化的方法
• Optimal performance: Powered by UIElements and GPU processing, everything run smoothly both the UI and underlying generation process.
• Endless creativity: Flexible workflow, ever-growing node library, literally there's no limit.
• Professional customer service: Get support via email or Discord chat. Quick response time.


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