U3D资源 2D图标 GUI PRO Kit - Simple Casual v1.0.1 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[纹理材质]
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U3D资源 2D图标 GUI PRO Kit - Simple Casual v1.0.1
GUI PRO Kit - Simple Casual is finally Released!
- Key Features -
This is a GUI skin that comes with a layout demo scene and Prefabs.
There is a Light mode and a Dark mode, and there is a common GUI.
A Pictogram Icons and an Item Icons are provided together.
Sliced elements, White elements : Size and color can be customized.
(Coding and animation are not included.)

- Assets -
2700+ sources as PNG
340 pictogram icons (64x64, 128x128, 256x256, 512x512)
150 unique item icons (128x128, 256x256, 512x512)
Pre-made pop-ups
Fonts included

● Prefabs
Buttons, Frames, Labels, Popups, Sliders, Toggles, UI_Etc, DemoScene_Panels

● DemoScene
Title, TitleLoading, LoadingBar, Tutorial Focus, Tutorial Message, LobbyMain, AD Remove, Rate, Tutorial, Signin, Signup, User Info, Offline Reward, Character List, Character Skin, Character Detail, Equipment, Equipment Detail, Chat, Clan, Mission, Level Up, Inbox, Inventory, Ranking Reward, Ranking, Daily Bonus 7day, Daily Bonus 28day, Stage Start, Stage List, Stage, Play Battle VS, Play Type01, Play Type02, Play Type03, Play Pause, Play Boss Effect, Play Result Clear, Play Result Continue, Play Result Victory, Play Result Defeat, Reward Get, Season Pass, Season Reward, PowerSave, News, Lucky Spin, Material Level Up, Shop, Settings, Language, Error Network, Message, Popup Add Slot, Popup EULA, Popup Name Change, Popup Subscribe, Popup Update, Component1~5

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