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ProTips - Tooltip System 1.7.6

ProTips - Tooltip System 1.7.6

ProTips - Tooltip System 1.7.6
New in 1.7!
(NOTE: You must use Unity 2019.4.30f1 or higher to see these new features)
* Full compatibility with TextMeshPro (but still works with the built-in UGUI Text UI)!
* Tooltips can be used on TextMeshPro links (included demo scene illustrates how to do it)!

ProTips is a tooltip solution designed to work out-of-the box with both TextMeshPro and Unity's built-in Text UI.ProTips支持桌面/PC鼠标悬停事件,以及触摸设备的按住事件。工具提示也可以由远程事件触发,如按钮点击或代码,这对制作游戏中的互动教程很有用。当时间暂停时,工具提示也会正常工作
ProTips supports desktop/PC mouse hover events as well as press-and-hold events for touch devices. Tooltips can also be triggered from remote events such as button clicks or code, which is useful for making in-game interactive tutorials. Tooltips will also work properly when time is paused.

Create your own tooltip styles visually using the Unity Canvas and our starting templates. Step-by-step documentation is included to get you started.
No programming knowledge is necessary, but it's helpful if you want to extend the system.

* Full C# source code, no DLLs
* 13 Tooltip style templates in the Workshop scene
* Many demo scenes to provide working examples of core features
* All assets you see in the screenshots and demos*
* Layered PSD files for the tooltip styles provided
* PDF documentation


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