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Inventory Cog 2021.0f.1

Inventory Cog 2021.0f.1

Inventory Cog 2021.0f.1
2D while we don't currently have a 2D demo everything is compatible with 2D and is actively being used by some users. We hope to add a 2D demo soon.

Items can be crafted, equipped, dropped, repaired, dismantled, dropped, etc. You can attach static equipment directly onto your character and skinned mesh support allows you to use animated components such a clothing or completely replacing the character's skin. Thanks to Stats Cog™ being included all of your items can affect your players stats and even apply effects. The animator modifiers let you change the way your character behaves when certian items are attached, changing their idle state, which attack animations to perform, etc. You can even physically attach items to other items providing additional stat changes. You can set items as ammo for your weapons, containers for other items, and more!

Crafting opens up a world of possiblities. You can use recipes that can be locked or unlocked either by using items or based on stats such a character or skill level. Each recipe can be individually set to complete immediate, after a set number of in-game seconds or after a number of real world seconds (meaning even if the player has left the game crafting will continue). You can also "blind" craft by allowing your player to select components and attempt to craft something without showing them the recipe. Crafting can be done directly in your inventory, if you wish, or at specific crafting locations. Wherever you do your crafting you can limit what categories of items can be crafted there. This way you can need a workbench to craft weapons, an anvil for armor, etc.


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