Tile Tool 1.3.5 快速创建游戏关卡 

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Tile Tool 1.3.5

Tile Tool 1.3.5

Tile Tool 1.3.5
Tile Tool系列索引:

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TileTool is a easy to use editor extension, it includes a tile set designed to quickly be able to create game level designs.TileTool是一个易于使用的编辑器扩展,它包括一个瓷砖集,旨在快速能够创建游戏关卡设计

Optimizing the tile meshes is easily done with a few clicks, significantly reducing triangles in the scene.
• Build game worlds and platforms in Unity
• Very low poly and suitable for mobile devices
• A wide variety of game objects and tiles
• Optimize with a single click, removing parts not visible by the camera
• 7 Styles of tiles and game objects.
• 1 Textures atlas for all game objects, optimal for batching and mesh combine
• 4096x4096 and 2048x2048 texture resolution
• Includes example scenes


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