Umbra Boundary Builder 2.4.0阻挡玩家关卡/区域边界生成器工具 

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Umbra Boundary Builder 2.4.0

Umbra Boundary Builder 2.4.0

Umbra Boundary Builder 2.4.0
Build boundaries around levels or zones that block the player and then generate a mesh to go along with it so that your navmesh can respect those boundaries as well.在阻挡玩家的关卡或区域周围建立边界,然后生成一个网格来配合它,这样你的导航系统也能尊重这些边界
I've used some boundary tools in the past, and none of them met my expectations. I wanted better, so I built better.

Notable Features
- Works in Unity 5+
- Add nodes to your scene that turn into a boundary with a few simple clicks
- Makes sure your navmesh and the AI that uses it respects the same boundaries your player does
- See the boundary being created in real-time without having to bake it
- Simple, lightweight, easy to use


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