Toon Racing 1.3 卡通赛车赛道场景模型 

2021-09-19 15:27 发布

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Toon Racing 1.3

Toon Racing 1.3

Toon Racing 1.3
The package contains:
- 32 Vehicles:
(x12) Racing cars
(x12) Rally cars
(x8) Monster trucks

- Track building kit:
(+50) Track pieces, stands, ramps, & more
(x25) Racing related props
(x4) Buildings
For performance reasons, the models use a tiny 128*128 color texture and a 128*4 toon ramp.

All models have a low poly count, ranging from a few triangles for the simplest models, to 7000 triangles for the more complex ones.

URP compatibity is added, for Unity versions starting from 2019.3 and later (check documentation inside the package for an easy installation).

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