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Aurora FPS Toolkit 2.0.4

Aurora FPS Toolkit 2.0.4

Aurora FPS Toolkit 2.0.4
Aurora FPS Toolkit it's the best solution for any FPS style games. This is the most powerful toolkit, that implements the most advanced, unique systems and features for creating AAA games.Aurora FPS Toolkit是任何FPS风格游戏的最佳解决方案。这是最强大的工具包,它实现了最先进、最独特的系统和功能,用于创建AAA游戏
Aurora FPS it's a powerful toolkit for creating first person games. Aurora FPS Toolkit solution, on the basis of which you can create absolutely any genre of first-person games. Whether it's a shooter, horror, action, space action or any other.Aurora FPS是一个用于创建第一人称游戏的强大工具包。Aurora FPS工具箱解决方案,在此基础上,你可以创建绝对任何类型的第一人称游戏。无论是射击、恐怖、动作、太空动作还是其他
Source Code included!
Full cross-platform compatibility!
Native support new Unity Input System!
Detailed and easy to use Manual!


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