Vectrosity 5.6.1 专业画线模型网格描边工具 

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Vectrosity 5.6.1

Vectrosity 5.6.1

Vectrosity 5.6.1

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The ultimate professional line-drawing utility, continuously supported since 2010! Find out why Unity users call Vectrosity "great," "wonderful," and why buying it "was the smartest move I've made for a long time."终极的专业画线工具

You can do anything from emulating Debug.DrawRay at runtime to full 3D vector graphics games. A comprehensive array of functions makes it easy to draw curves, graphs, dotted lines, selection boxes, arrows, and lots more! Create lines in the editor, or with code.你可以做任何事情,从在运行时模拟Debug.DrawRay到全3D矢量图形游戏。一系列全面的功能使得绘制曲线、图形、虚线、选择框、箭头和更多的东西变得容易了 在编辑器中创建线条,或用代码创建
Comes with complete documentation (one customer said, "your documentation was some of the best documentation I've seen for any product anywhere"), and dozens of examples.

Works well on any platform. Complete source code is included. No garbage is generated except when creating new VectorLine objects.


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