Terrain Composer 2 v2.87 地形地表创建编辑工具 

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插件名称:Terrain Composer 2 v2.87插件官网:访问官网
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Terrain Composer 2 v2.87

Terrain Composer 2 v2.87

Terrain Composer 2 v2.87

TerrainComposer 2 2.7  下载链接
TerrainComposer 2 2.76  下载链接
TerrainComposer 2 2.81  下载链接
* Supports >Unity 5.1, 2017.x, 2018.x, 2019.x and 2020.x .
* Creates terrains for all platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, WebGL, VR, etc.
* Supports Standard Rendering, URP and HDRP.
TerrainComposer2 is a powerful node based multi-terrain tile generator. TC2 makes use of the latest GPU technology to give you instant real-time results, which makes creating terrains faster and more easy than ever before. TC2 its folder like layer system and workflow is similar to that of Photoshop, which makes it possible to have full control and make quick changes any time during the workflow.


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