MicroSplat - Decals 3.8.0 静态或动态贴花 

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插件名称:MicroSplat - Decals 3.8.0插件官网:访问官网
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MicroSplat - Decals 3.8.0

MicroSplat - Decals 3.8.0

MicroSplat - Decals 3.8.0
The Decal module for MicroSplat allows you to place static or dynamic decals on objects using MicroSplat shaders. Unlike other decal systems, these are rendered as part of the shader, allowing them to work correctly with things like snow coverage, wetness, and other effects. Additionally they can also modify things like texture choices, displacement amounts (with Tessellation Module), or wetness, puddles, streams or lava amount (with Streams module installed).MicroSplat的贴花模块允许你使用MicroSplat着色器在物体上放置静态或动态贴花


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