Tracks and Rails 4.1.0 物理轨道过山车创建编辑工具 

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Tracks and Rails 4.1.0

Tracks and Rails 4.1.0

Tracks and Rails 4.1.0



Tracks and Rails 4.1.0

Tracks and Rails 4.1.0
Add physics-based track to your project!
Go for a trial ride, right now.在你的项目中加入基于物理学的轨道
This extension allows to you to create track in any custom shape, then attach a cart to it and actually ride the track. Make platforms that slide when things hit them, metro trains that ram into barriers, broken elevators, roller coasters, invisible flight paths, rocket-propelled trains and more!这个扩展允许你创建任何自定义形状的轨道,然后在上面安装一个小车,并实际乘坐这个轨道。你可以制作当东西碰到时就会滑动的平台、撞向障碍物的地铁列车、破损的电梯、过山车、隐形的飞行路线、火箭推进的列车等等
Meshes are generated automatically. Four track templates are included. Use these or make your own. Use any model you'd like for the cart, or just place a camera on it and go for a ride!

Interactions are physics-based. The cart has a rigidbody and can be pushed, pulled, run into, jumped onto, and accelerated like any other rigidbody. The tracks themselves can be given acceleration and braking properties. Use the included scripts to give your carts sounds as they roll on their way.

Use scripts to create, link, and bend tracks at runtime. Build a train yard or blow up a bridge!
Heavy editor support. Quick track laying tool, direct control point editing, relinking tools, undo, and mass-edit support.


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