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Requires Unity 5.5.0 or higher.
FBX Mesh Importer At Runtime

Sometimes, we need to load 2D/3D assets at runtime in our unity application. We can do this by saving it into the Resources folder in the unity editor and they’ll be availables after compilation to load them at any time. The Asset Bundles is an option to store assets to load them from a hard disc, an sdcard or, even, a server location. However, all these options need to use unity editor and, the asset bundles case, Unity Pro Edition is required.

1. This library works with 2D/3D models imported from FBX SDK 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

2. ASCII importation from 3D Editors like Maya, 3DMax, Cinema4D.

3. Setting folder or URL containing FBX files

4. Setting folder or URL containing JPG, PNG, DDS, TGA format for textures (embedded textures or not).

5. Main thread or async load mode implemented.

6. Meshes importation with global scaling, normals, tangents and collider type, selectables.

7. Materials and textures importation.

8. Standard or Legacy Material.

9. Lights, cameras and TRS animation importation.

10. Web player (Depreciated), Standalone (Linux, Win and Mac), Android, iOS, WebGL supported. Unity Personal and Pro editions.

11. Faster than previous UniFBX UniFBX Release 1

12. Complete C# source code. No DLLs

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