Eye Advanced 1.1真实的眼睛眼球眼珠模型 

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Eye Advanced 1.1

Eye Advanced 1.1

Eye Advanced 1.1

Eye Advanced 1.1真实的眼睛眼球眼珠模型

Eye Advanced 1.1真实的眼睛眼球眼珠模型


EyeAdvanced is an Eye shader and prefab system that brings brings realistic eye rendering effects to Unity, including advanced specular, parallax warp, dilation, and physically-based shading algorithms.

Multiple LODs
Automatically change geometry and shader complexity as distance from eyes increases, or alternatively select one of three set LOD complexity options.EyeAdvanced是一个眼睛着色器和预制系统,它将真实的眼睛渲染效果引入统一,包括高级的镜面反射、视差扭曲、膨胀和基于物理的着色算法
You have control over many aspects of eye rendering, such as eye color, pupil dilation, iris size and iris tint color. Includes 15 preset eye texture options, or use them as a template to create your own.

Scriptable Render Pipeline Support
Standard Renderer (Unity 5.0+)
URP Universal Render Pipeline (Unity 2019.3.0+)
HDRP High Definition Render Pipeline (Unity 2019.3.0+)

Compatible with
Unity 2020.x / 2019.x / 2018.x / 2017.x / 5.x
Unity 5.3.4 or above is recommended.


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