Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.2 墙壁悬崖游戏角色攀爬 

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插件名称:Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.2插件官网:访问官网
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Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.2

Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.2

Third Person FreeClimb Add-on 1.2
FreeClimb Add-on * THIS ADD-ON REQUIRED THE BASIC LOCOMOTION PRO TEMPLATE VERSION 2.5.0 OR HIGHER*有了FreeClimb系统,你可以在任何表面上攀爬,但它更多地用于墙壁或悬崖

FreeClimb Official Add-on Plug & Play
With the FreeClimb system you can climb on any surface but it's more used for walls or cliffs.
With this add-on you not only get the freeclimb but also the knowledge to create custom modular add-ons without changing the core of the controller.

* Required Basic Locomotion 2.5.0 or higher, if you need a different version to work with the previous versions please contact support
** MeleeCombat & Shooter already contain the Basic Locomotion
***Animations are not included but there is a link to download already setup animations, you just need to import and hit play.


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