//TODO Code Todo List 1.0 记事本功能 

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//TODO Code Todo List 1.0

TODO Code Todo List 1.0

TODO Code Todo List 1.0

//TODO Code Todo List 1.0 记事本功能

//TODO Code Todo List 1.0 记事本功能


Have you ever come across an old comment in your code saying "//TODO : add awesome feature here" or "//TO OPTIMISE : We can gain 10ms easily here" ?
With //TODO (Code Todo List), you will never forget to do these tasks, ever.

Key features:
- Set custom keywords to look for
- Customize colors
- Open the file at the line of the comment in one click
- Exclude files / folders
- Sort/Filter comments
- Searchfield to find what you're looking for
- Work with multiple coding conventions (ex: "//todo" or "// todo")


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