Grouping Tool 1.0.0 

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Grouping Tool 1.0.0

Grouping Tool 1.0.0

Grouping Tool 1.0.0

Grouping Tool 1.0.0

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Easily group GameObjects together right in the Unity Hierarchy Panel from the context menu or with a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+G on Mac or Ctrl+G on Windows).在Unity Hierarchy面板中,从上下文菜单或使用键盘快捷键(Mac上的Cmd+G或Windows上的Ctrl+G)轻松地将游戏对象分组在一起
By default objects are grouped into an empty GameObject.
You can use your own Prefab template for grouping objects. Set the object template in "Window > Grouping Tool > Group Template" . Use context menu or keyboard shortcut to group objects with your custom Prefab Parent template (Cmd+Shift+G on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+G on Windows).


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