White mage spells 1.0 高品质白法师魔法技能特效 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[粒子/特效]
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插件名称:White mage spells 1.0插件官网:访问官网
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White mage spells 1.0

White mage spells 1.0

White mage spells 1.0

White mage spells 1.0 高品质白法师魔法技能特效

White mage spells 1.0 高品质白法师魔法技能特效


高品质白法师魔法技能特效 QQ图片20210106162415.jpg QQ图片20210106162413.jpg QQ图片20210106162409.jpg QQ图片20210106162407.jpg QQ图片20210106162404.jpg
Asset includes:
- 26 amazing effect prefabs
- 10 unique icons specially created for this asset
- 15 high quality SFX
- HQ PBR Fantasy staff asset as addition.

URP and HDRP supported from Unity 2019.2+
PC/Consoles/Mobiles/WebGL/VR supported.
Support package for HDRP and URP here!

IMPORTANT! We don't sell non-target RPG controller from the demo scene! It created only for demonstration purpose. It’s mean that asset support doesn’t apply to animations and scripts that are used in the demo scene, but you can use scripts under the standard Asset Store license.


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