UIDrawer 1.0 侧边导航抽屉UI组件 

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UIDrawer 1.0

UIDrawer 1.0

UIDrawer 1.0

UIDrawer 1.0 侧边导航抽屉UI组件

UIDrawer 1.0 侧边导航抽屉UI组件




UIDrawer is a complex UI component for Unity. It is made up of native Unity components that have been set up in a controlled manner to behave like a Side Drawer (also known as a Navigation Drawer) that can be opened/closed from/to the Left/Right/Up/Down side of the screen.

You can open a drawer either by touch, mouse or controller. You can swipe on the screen with a finger, drag with the mouse or click open/close/toggle buttons with a controller.

The UIDrawer will work with any other asset that uses Unity’s native UI framework.

NOTE: UIDrawer is NOT COMPATIBLE with DoozyUI version 3. Because the latest version of DoozyUI already contains an UIDrawer component and that this asset was build on the DoozyUI version 2.x infrastructure, they are not compatible and cannot work in the same project. This implementation of the UIDrawer is meant as a standalone asset or can be used togehter with DoozyUI version 2.x.

- Use native uGUI
- Easy to learn. Intuitive design
- Advanced Editor integration
- Supports all platforms
- Resolution Independent
- Mobile friendly
- Comes with full C# source code
- Dedicated support
- Tutorials on our YouTube Channel
Supports all export platforms with excellent performance for mobile games.


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