Unity 风格化场景 the illustrated nature 1.7 

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Default 3D ready, URP & HDRP supported via included packages.
New! HDRP support with beautiful and atmospheric lighting.
New! Summer & Winter themes.
The Illustrated Nature is a complete 3D environment pack, created for those who want to tell a story in a colorful and painterly world. 软件包由一系列风格化的植被模型(树木、灌木、草地、岩石、植物)、材质球、图像效果和脚本组成
The Illustrated Nature系列索引:

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The Illustrated Nature 1.6  下载链接
The package is made out of a series of stylized vegetation models (trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, plants), shaders, image effects and scripts put together in a scene with sounds and music, with the goal to make it useful and ready to use in any project.
You will be able to easily change the seasons using the Color Manager tool and the included shaders.
The shaders come with option to activate snow with one click. Adjust the look of the scene from a subtle frost in a cold morning to a
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heavy snow in the middle of the winter

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