Game Kit Controller 3.02f 

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Game Kit Controller 3.02f

Game Kit Controller 3.02f

Game Kit Controller 3.02f
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GKC is the most complete 1st/3rd Person Controller solution with unique Gravity and Sci-Fi features!
New Update 3.02f (Full Changelog):
-Improved character controller: smoother, more responsive, better management of animations and transitions, improved animator, headtrack....
-Action system: configure easily new custom actions based on animations triggered by places of the level, specific situations, input, like sit on a chair, pick objects from the ground, open doors, press button, vault, slide, 360º direction roll/evade, walk on a cliff, etc...
-Ability system: add and configure any list of abilities for the player, like a cloak/stealth system, a shield, spell casting, throw objects, use grappling hook, etc... and combine it with the action system to use animations with it!
-Vehicle wizard creator, improved AI and better touch controls for mobile.


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