Automatic LOD 1.52 

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Automatic LOD 1.52

Automatic LOD 1.52

Automatic LOD 1.52
Automatic LOD系列索引:

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Automatic LOD 1.51 下载链接
Automatic LOD is a powerful Unity extension that allows you to quickly generate and manage multiple levels of detail for your 3D models. Automatic LOD是一个强大的Unity扩展,允许您快速生成和管理三维模型的多个细节级别LOD级别是由扩展程序生成的简化网格,有助于优化游戏,特别是在低端平台上
LOD levels are simplified meshes that are generated procedurally by the extension and help optimize your game especially on lower end platforms.
Besides the generation process, the Automatic LOD component also takes care during the game of enabling the correct mesh for each object depending on its distance to the camera or its screen area covered. This way you can use meshes with lower polygon count when the object is far away or covers small screen space and higher polygon count for up-close views.


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