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Core GameKit

Core GameKit

Core GameKit
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Core GameKit  下载链接
Core GameKit  下载链接
Core GameKit  下载链接
Full pooling, spawning, wave & combat systems included!
Included pooling system "Pool Boss" sold as standalone here. Upgrade pricing available if you own Pool Boss! 包括池系统“池老板”作为独立出售在这里。如果你有游泳池老板,可以升级价格

Dramatically speed up your time to market for your new 3D or 2D game with Core GameKit! We've covered most of your bases with full pooling & combat systems, pickup support (for coins / health packs etc.), Player (and enemy) stat modification, enemy wave set up and level design tools with all the options you need! All done in minutes with no coding required! Web Demo!


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