7Zip, lzma, LZ4, fastLZ, zip/gzip & brotli 2.57 

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插件名称:7Zip, lzma, LZ4, fastLZ, zip/gzip & brotli 2.57插件官网:访问官网
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7Zip, lzma, LZ4, fastLZ, zip/gzip & brotli 2.57

7Zip, lzma, LZ4, fastLZ, zip/gzip & brotli 2.57

7Zip, lzma, LZ4, fastLZ, zip/gzip & brotli 2.57 QQ图片20200321135533.jpg
Unity5, 2017, 2018, 2019 ready.
This is a shared library for Android, iOS*, OSX, Windows, Linux and webGL** to decompress 7z (7zip) files and to compress/decompress zip/gzip (.zip/.gz), LZ4 (.lz4), brotli (.br), fastLZ files and buffers.
* ZIP plugin: iOS/tvOS compilation may require to add the -lz linking flag at Build Settings-> Linking- > Other Linker flags on xcode.
**webGL for flz,lzma & lz4 supports buffers compression/decompression only. **webGL for zip supports all functions except those that require file system operations.

7ZIP section:
The library serves the scope to have fast decompression of 7z files and compress/decompress lzma files and buffers.

- The library does 7z decompression and not 7z compression.
Compression of lzma alone files is supported.
Passwords are not supported.
- It is about 2.5x times faster then using a c# implementation for 7z decompression.
- You can extract a single file out of the 7z archive.
- If you intend to decompress large files it would be better to use the largeFiles flag.(consumes less ram)
- You can extract the contents of the 7z file keeping its folder structure.
- Ability to get the filenames and file sizes of files in a 7z archive.
- Ability to encode/decode to/from .lzma alone format.
- Ability to decode a specific file in a 7z archive to a byte buffer.
- Ability to decode/encode a byte buffer to/from the lzma alone format.**

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