RainbowFolders 2 2.2.0 

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RainbowFolders 2 2.2.0
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RainbowFolders 2 2.2.0

RainbowFolders 2 2.2.0
Have you ever thought about highlighting often used project folders? This simple but colorful asset allows you to do that! 你有没有想过突出显示经常使用的项目文件夹?这个简单但丰富多彩的资产可以让你做到这一点
With Rainbow Folders, you can set a custom icon and background for any folder in Unity project browser.
Just hold the Alt key and click on any of your folders. A configuration dialog will appear, and you'll be able to assign a custom icon and background for it, your own one or chose from dozens of presets!
• Change icon and background for any folder in the Project window.
• Change icon or background for multiple folders at once
• Apply custom icon and background for all subfolders automatically
• Optional row shading and project tree outlines
• More than 70 pre-made icons included
• Supports Unity Collaborate overlay
• Supports Unity Version Control overlay
• Source code included
Want the same for the hierarchy window? Just grab it here!


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