Easy Achievements and Leaderboards 1.4.0 

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插件名称:Easy Achievements and Leaderboards 1.4.0插件官网:访问官网
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Easy Achievements and Leaderboards 1.4.0

Easy Achievements and Leaderboards 1.4.0

Easy Achievements and Leaderboards 1.4.0 QQ图片20200319153212.png QQ图片20200319153209.jpg QQ图片20200319153205.jpg QQ图片20200319153203.png QQ图片20200319153200.png QQ图片20200319153157.png QQ图片20200319153154.png QQ图片20200319153149.png
Key features:
- Submit achievements and scores with minimal setup.
- Same code for both Android and iOS platforms.
- Just import the Google Play Games SDK - no additional setup is required for Android
- No additional SDK is required for iOS.
- Achievements and Leaderboards scores are submitted using auto-generated enums for an easy, error free usage in your code.此资产也包含在移动工具中。一个更复杂的包,包括应用内购买,广告和保存解决方案。所有这些都是集成在一个完整的游戏,也包括在内,所以你将有一个完整的例子如何使用每一个
Compatible with the following visual scripting tools:
- Bolt - (Integration Tutorial)
- Game Flow - (Integration Tutorial)
- Playmaker - (Integration Tutorial)

This asset is also included in Mobile Tools. A more complex pack that includes In App Purchase, Ads and Save solutions. All are integrated in a complete game, also included, so you will have a complete example of how to use each one.


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