Shooter IO 1.25b 多人射击竞技场游戏模板 

2020-03-19 13:19 发布

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插件名称:Shooter IO 1.25b插件官网:访问官网
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Shooter IO 1.25b

Shooter IO 1.25b

Shooter IO 1.25b
Shooter IO is multiplayer shooting arena game template which integrated UNET for networking
Caution: This package required Unity Purchasing (Guide to setup) and Unity Ads (Guide to setup)
- UNET Networking integrated
- Create game and join via LAN
- Host global server and play with players around the world
- Character selection
- Weapon selection
- Gun, melee weapon
- Exp and Level up
- Hp, Armor, Move speed, Weapon damage rate, Armor reduce damage rate, Exp rate, Score rate, Hp recovery, Hp leech attributes
- Character movement & attack
- Gun reload
- Bot Character
- In-App Purchase
- Advertisement Monetization
- Collectibles powerups
- Mobile and Keyboard input
- Chat and emoticon
- IO/Death Match/Battle Royale game modes


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