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Snooker King Master Unity 5.3.4 Project

Snooker King Master Unity 5.3.4 Project

Snooker King Master Unity 5.3.4 Project screenshot570ce0998c415.jpg screenshot570ce0da21a21.jpg
this is an awesome 3D pool game with a beach environment. Choose the game type you want to play. there is Snooker, 8 Ball and 9 Ball modes.
The game comes with a possibility to play VS the computer from a variety of opponents.
The game is unity 5.3.4f1 ready and can be exported to both Android & iOS devices.
The app has funny music and a fun environment. it is perfect for anyone looking to launch their own pool / Snooker game.这是一个很棒的三维游泳池游戏与海滩环境。选择要玩的游戏类型。有斯诺克,8球和9球模式它非常适合任何想要推出自己的台球/斯诺克游戏的人
different modes to play :
8 Ball
9 Ball
amazing beach environment
play against the computer
unity 5.3.4 ready
funny music
Admob & Charboost
How to Reskin
This package comes with a complete video tutorial on how to reskin and change all relevant ad ID’s


B Color Smilies

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