Slot Machine Garden 1.0 老虎机游戏项目 

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Slot Machine Garden 1.0

Slot Machine Garden 1.0

Slot Machine Garden 1.0

Slot Machine Garden 1.0 老虎机游戏项目

Slot Machine Garden 1.0 老虎机游戏项目


 老虎机游戏项目 QQ图片20200314165133.jpg

Slot Machine Garden

Slot Machine Garden QQ图片20200314165127.jpg QQ图片20200314165123.jpg QQ图片20200314165120.jpg
Slot Machine Garden is a slot machine with a garden!老虎机花园是一个有花园的老虎机!玩,成长,赢得大奖
Play, grow and win the jackpot!
Grow tomatoes, melons and eggplants!
Once the required numbers are reached, try the jackpot!
Depending on your bet, you will gain drops of water!
02 bonus games! Wheel bonus and Local bonus
Wheel bonus, spin the wheel and win the associated gain!
Local bonus, choose a token and multiply your gain x50!

This package requires : TextMesh Pro
-Android, Windows, Linux, (no tested IOS)
-Unity Version : 2019.2.0f1
-API Compatibility Level : .Net Standard 2.0


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