NodeCanvas 3.0.3f1 可视化节点编程框架 

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NodeCanvas 3.0.3f1

NodeCanvas 3.0.3f1

NodeCanvas 3.0.3f1

NodeCanvas 2.9.6  下载链接
NodeCanvas 3.0.3  下载链接
NodeCanvas 3.0.5  下载链接
NodeCanvas 3.0.8  下载链接
The Complete Visual Behaviour Authoring solution for Unity, empowering you to create advanced AI Behaviours and Logic, including three separate, fully featured, yet seamlessly interchangeable modules for you to choose and easily add in your game:完整的统一视觉行为创作解决方案,使您能够创建先进的人工智能行为和逻辑,包括三个独立的、功能齐全的、可无缝互换的模块
✔ Reactive Behaviour Trees.
✔ Hierarchical State Machines.
✔ Multi-Actor Dialogue Trees.

NodeCanvas is a production ready framework used by many awesome games including Pamela, Hurtworld, Hand of Fate 2, Kim, Shroud of the Avatar, Kingdom, The Long Dark, Ghost of a Tale and a lot more.


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