Magic SFX Pro 1.0 魔术音效声效插件 

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Magic SFX Pro 1.0
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Everything your next game will need when it comes to magic sounds!
This pack is the only Magic sound pack that covers everything your next game will need when it comes to sound!在这个包里,你会发现304个声音是从我们创造的1000个声音中精心挑选出来的。所有的声音都是游戏准备好的,由专业的音频工程师混合,旨在让您的魔术游戏的生活
In this pack you will find 304 sounds which were carefully chosen out of 1000s of sounds we created. All sounds are game ready, mixed by a professional audio engineer and were designed to bring your magic game to life!

From a variety of professionally crafted spells, UI, ambiences, buffs/debuffs and even teleport sounds, this pack is a must have for every fantasy game.

The Pack Includes:
Fire Spells
Water Spells
Earth Spells
Air Spells
Frost Spells
Hex Spells
Magic Impacts
Magical UI Sounds
Magical Ambiences
Teleport Sounds
And much, much more!


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