Procedural UI Image 2.2 UI界面快速搭建工具 

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Procedural UI Image 2.2

Procedural UI Image 2.2

Procedural UI Image 2.2
Procedural UI Image系列索引:

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Procedural UI Image 1.3  下载链接
Create an infinite number of basic shapes without a ton of image resources. Control and animate border-width and border-radius.创建无限数量的基本形状,而不需要大量的图像资源。控制和动画边界宽度和边界半径
It is perfect for creating flat styled UI. Easy to understand and well-commented code along with a PDF documentation will keep this package extendable. 它非常适合创建平面样式的UI。易于理解和注释良好的代码以及PDF文档将保持此包的可扩展性。
Main features:
- adjustable border radius
- adjustable border width
- Fall-off: can be used for soft shadow effect or glow
- perfect anti-aliasing of edges at no performace cost
- masking
- set a sprite to fill the shape of a procedural image


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