Swords Sounds Pro 1.0 中世纪战斗音效声效 

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Unity3d插件/模型 /[声效/BGM]
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Swords Sounds Pro 1.0

Swords Sounds Pro 1.0

Swords Sounds Pro 1.0
*Limited time: Add $3 and get our Ultimate Medieval Combat SFX (484 Sounds)
In this pack you will find 100 sounds which were carefully chosen out of 100s of sounds we recorded. All sounds are game ready and were designed to bring your sword battles to life!你会发现100个声音是从我们录制的100个声音中精心挑选出来的。所有的声音都是游戏准备好的,是为了让你的剑战复活!
The Pack Includes:
Sword Wooshes
Heavy Sword Wooshes
Dagger Wooshes
Non Cutting Weapons Wooshes (Stuff, Club)
Sword Hits Shield
Sword Hits Armor
Sword Hits Another Sword

100 Premium SFX
Professionally mixed and mastered
Game Ready
Number of Audio Waves: 100
Number of Audio Cues: 100
Sample rate / bit rate: (44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs)


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