Epic Toon FX 1.7 卡通粒子效果 

2020-02-22 13:04 发布

Unity3d插件/模型 /[粒子/特效]
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Epic Toon FX 1.7

Epic Toon FX 1.7

Epic Toon FX 1.7
Epic Toon FX系列索引:

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Epic Toon FX is a huge collection of 915 cartoony particle effects. Works great for both 2D & 3D games.
Standard and LWRP supportEpic卡通特效集915个卡通粒子效果于一身。适用于二维和三维游戏

The effects are sorted into 3 categories: Combat, Environment and Interactive. Effects with several color variations or styles are conveniently sorted into folders.


B Color Smilies



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