Super Combiner 1.6.2 模型网格合并优化 

2020-02-21 14:39 发布

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Super Combiner 1.6.2

Super Combiner 1.6.2

Super Combiner 1.6.2
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The Super Combiner package is an essential tool for optimization.
This asset allows you to combine materials and meshes to highly reduce draw calls and significantly improve FPS.

Because optimization is crucial in games specially those targetting mobile devices (and even more in VR), Super Combiner will bakes your materials and meshes together to fully benefit static and dynamic batching.


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  • KevinLCF
    KevinLCF 2020-2-24 10:44:18
    Super usefull and must-have asset可以下来学习一下,

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