Living Particles 1.4a 炫酷魔法粒子特效插件 

2020-02-17 14:22 发布

Unity3d插件/模型 /[粒子/特效]
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Living Particles 1.4a

Living Particles 1.4a

Living Particles 1.4a

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Requires Unity 2017.1.0 or higher.完全可自定义的粒子着色器的终极包,您可以调整任何属性和创建独特的效果
Ultimate Pack of fully customizable particle shaders, you can tweak any property and create unique Effects. All of these effects can be used in almost every game. You can make living ground, that reacts to player movement, or add some live environment effects. This Package is also using Unity's Shuriken Particle System, so any parameter can be adjusted. Particles can be affected by both one player and several players without much loss of performance.


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