Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市小巷街道建筑路灯商店道具 

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3D场景[低模] /[现代建筑]
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Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市巷街道建筑路灯商店道具模型

Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市巷街道建筑,路灯,商店

Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市巷街道建筑,路灯,商店


商店道具 605308-439088054.jpg

Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市小巷街道建筑路灯商店道具

Sci-Fi Black Market Alley科幻黑市小巷街道建筑路灯商店道具


科幻黑市小巷街道建筑模型 605308-470235088.jpg 605308-321831028.jpg 605308-123894192.jpg 605308-117076567.jpg
Sci-Fi Black Market Alley  
Sci-Fi Black Market Alley is a construction set of 26 props, store fronts, street lights, store lights, street props and yes even a street. Store fronts come with add-ons to create a unique non repeating world. Posters can be add with 3 different .png files in the texture set with one preset to get you started. Highly detailed props can be used for any sci-fi world you have in mind. A one click preset build included to jump start your imagination.科幻黑市小巷是一个由26个道具、大门面、路灯、商店灯、街头道具和是甚至一条街组成的建筑集合


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