Koreographer 1.6.0 游戏音乐节拍器 

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Koreographer 1.6.0


Koreographer™ simplifies the process of synchronizing gameplay to music in your video game. Its simple editing interface allows you to map rhythms, beats, notes, volume, and other dynamics of the music to events in the game. Koreographer can be used to create rhythm games, make any game more cinematic, enhance game environments with music, and create new controls and music-driven gameplay.Koreographer™简化了将游戏与视频游戏中的音乐同步的过程。它的简单编辑界面允许您将音乐的节奏、节拍、音符、音量和其他动态映射到游戏中的事件
✓ Rapidly create a game with rhythm-based gameplay
✓ Author lip syncing for your audio with ease
✓ Create subtitles to audio files with precision timing
✓ Synchronized multi-layer audio playback support out of the box!
✓ Supports all major runtime environments, including mobile, console, and VR platforms
✓ Completely functional Karaoke and Rhythm Game demos included!
✓ Integration with the PlayMaker™ visual scripting system!

The Koreographer™ editor extension contains the editor tool, documentation, demo content, lightweight runtime, and sample song with sample Koreography.


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